Garfield Park

Garfield Park Pagoda Dr Indianapolis INUnited States

Located on the south side of Indianapolis, Garfield Park is the oldest city-operated greenspace in the city. It features unique amenities like the Conservatory, Sunken Gardens (designed by George Edward Kessler), a Pagoda and much more.

The park also has a Grove of Remembrance with a tree planted for each of the 387 Marion County men and women who died in World War I. Learn more!

Park History

2.7 miles southeast of Monument Circle, Garfield Park Pagoda Dr Indianapolis INUnited States is one of the city’s oldest parks. It was established in 1876 and has been an important part of the City’s landscape since then.

This park is surrounded by several residential neighborhoods and also serves as the campus for Emmerich Manual High School. It is bounded by Raymond Street on the north, South Garfield Drive and East Garfield Drive on the east, Shelby Street on the south, and the Louisville and Indiana Railroad tracks on the west.

The park was redesigned by George Kessler in 1909 to fit into the overall plan of his park and boulevard system for Indianapolis. He added a three-acre conservatory and sunken gardens, a community house, and an amphitheater.

Park Amenities

Park amenities include a number of public facilities. The Garfield Park Arts Center, the Burrello Family and Aquatic Center, the MacAllister Center for the Performing Arts, the historic Pagoda, and large, wooded tracts are all available for recreational use.

The park also boasts beautiful European sunken gardens and conservatory that were designed by George Kessler in 1916, and are replanted three times a year with seasonal displays. The Conservatory and Gardens are a popular destination for weddings, picnics, and special events throughout the year.

In addition, there are a variety of recreational opportunities at the park, including basketball courts, volleyball courts, and walking trails. The area is also home to the Burrello Family Center, a community building that provides indoor athletic facilities for children and adults, as well as fitness classes. Refer to This Site!

Park Map

Garfield Park is the oldest city park in Indianapolis, Indiana, and features the 10,000-square-foot (930 m2) Conservatory, built of welded aluminum and glass, as well as the Sunken Gardens, a formal garden with an exotic plant collection designed by George Edward Kessler. The conservatory also contains a rain forest and desert area.

Located on the near south side of the city, the park is bounded by Raymond Street and Shelby Street on the north, Southern Avenue on the east, the Louisville and Indiana Railroad tracks on the west, and Emmerich Manual High School on the south. The park also contains two memorials, a statue of Major General Henry W. Lawton, a Fort Wayne native and Civil War veteran who led the capture of the Apache warrior Geronimo, and a Grove of Remembrance with a tree planted for each of the 387 Marion County men and women killed in World War I.

The Garfield Park bicycle ride begins at “2345 Pagoda Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46225” and continues through the park until we meet at Fountain Square plaza (Shelby, Morris/Prospect, Virginia). Departure time is about 7:20 am.

Park Fees

Garfield Park is one of Indianapolis’ most iconic parks and features several interesting buildings, including the 10,000 square-foot Conservatory and Sunken Gardens. It is also home to the Grove of Remembrance, a remembrance garden for fallen Indianapolis soldiers. The Pagoda is an imposing oriental-style concrete, rock, and wrought iron open structure with a curved copper roof.

Other government-run facilities in the park include the Garfield Park Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library and Station 29 of the Fire Department. Other attractions include a bike path through the woods and a dog park. Lastly, the Burrello Family Center is a great place for children to play indoors in winter or to enjoy a jog in the summer. The park was a central component of George Kessler’s Indianapolis Park and Boulevard system, and many of its other amenities are still in use today. The park was a popular wedding destination in the 1920s and is currently one of the city’s most visited parks. Check Out This Information!

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