Edna Balz Lacy Family Park

Edna Balz Lacy Family Park Greer St Indianapolis INUnited States

One of the city’s most well-loved parks, Edna Balz Lacy Family Park is perfect for families with small children. It’s quiet enough to provide some respite from the bustle of downtown Indianapolis, but it also has plenty to offer for adults too! Originally called Greer Street Park, this park was rededicated in 1995 to honor local businesswoman Edna Balz Lacy. See More Information!

Edna Balz Lacy Family Park

This neighborhood park is a great place to spend a few hours with your family. It’s a little bit of a respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown.

This two acre park opened in 1917 and was named after local businesswoman Edna Balz Lacy. She was an important part of Indianapolis history and her legacy lives on.

Ellenberger Park

Located in the historic Irvington neighborhood on the East Side, Ellenberger Park was designed by famed urban planner and landscape architect George Edward Kessler.

The park is a community oasis and popular recreational destination for families and friends to gather for socialization, exercise and competition.

Neighbors are concerned about a proposed artificial turf field at Ellenberger Park. Indy Parks has an online form that neighbors can fill out to share their comments.

Fall Creek Trail at Geist Dam

If you’re looking for a unique outdoor experience, the Fall Creek Trail at Geist Dam is a must-see. It’s a crushed limestone loop trail that circles an overflow pond, and it runs from Skiles Test Nature Park to the Monon Trail.

This tucked-away trail is a popular destination for birdwatchers, who will find many water birds, including Ruddy Ducks and Common Loons.

Fairbanks Park

A large portion of this park, which overlooks the Wabash River, was donated by the Fairbanks family in 1916.

The park also holds many events and celebrations throughout the year. One of those is the annual Banks of the Wabash festival in May.

This 100-acre park features woods, meadows, a lake, and art pieces for the whole family to enjoy. It’s also a great place for a nature walk and wildlife spotting.

Military Park

Edna Balz Lacy Family Park, originally named Greer Street Park is a two-acre neighborhood park located in the Fletcher Place area. It was renamed in 1995 to honor local teacher and businesswoman Edna Balz Lacy.

The park is a popular gathering space for the community and visitors to enjoy together. It hosts concerts, farmers markets and a reading library. It also serves as an urban playground for children and adults.

Nina Mason Pulliam Park

Nina Mason Pulliam Park is named for philanthropist Nina Mason Pulliam. It is a nature center in the Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area, a 600-acre park space along the Salt River.

It is a gateway to a lush Sonoran riparian habitat used by over 200 species of birds and other wildlife. It is part of the Indy Birding Trail. Browse around this site!

Presidential Site

Located just a few blocks from downtown, Edna Balz Lacy Family Park serves as a perfect example of an urban park. With a quaint layout, multi-purpose amenities, and strong ties to the local community, it’s a great place for people to hang out.

The park is named for a local philanthropist and the mother of Lacy Diversified Industries founder Howard John Lacy II. She was a key player in her family’s business and civic involvement.

Indiana War Memorial Museum

The Indiana War Memorial Museum is a great place to learn about World War I and American war history. The museum is a few blocks north of Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis.

The memorial contains three floors, including the Shrine Room on the upper level. This breathtaking space has 24 red pillars, a Star of Destiny made of Swedish crystal, and an Altar of Consecration to the American flag.

Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Edna Balz Lacy Family Park Greer St Indianapolis INUnited States

Unlike most cities, Indy’s spacious streets allowed a progressive group of community leaders to create an alluring, wide path for pedestrians and cyclists. Lined with flowering raingardens and energized by original large-scale art, it’s not just a route; it’s an experience.

It connects five cultural districts flush with museums, theaters, shops, restaurants, hotels and parks. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail has helped revitalize downtown, bringing more people to the area and boosting economic development.

Lilly House and Gardens

The historic Lilly House and Gardens is located in Indianapolis. It is a national historic landmark and an exemplary example of the American country house movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The house is beautifully decorated with many antique furnishings and decorative arts objects from the time. The interiors have been restored to look as they would have back in the 1930s. Click for more!

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