Why You Should Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

Professional window cleaning can make a major difference in your home’s curb appeal. Clean windows are also important for airflow and energy efficiency. Professionals use specialized tools and products to get your windows looking great. They can even take care of window treatments like blinds and sills. Read next.

High Rise Window Washing

Professional window cleaning can be a great way to maintain the exterior look of your high rise building. Clean windows will make your building more attractive to tenants and visitors.

Getting your building windows cleaned is also important for safety. Dirty windows can cause the air to become contaminated and potentially lead to respiratory illnesses among your employees.

In addition, dirty windows can make your building appear more shabby and unprofessional. This can affect the image of your business and your bottom line.

To keep your high rise windows clean, you need a professional window washer to do the job. These people use special tools and techniques to get the job done safely.

Interior Window Cleaning

Interior window cleaning is a must for commercial buildings to help draw in customers and enhance curb appeal. Professional window cleaners follow a strict process to clean windows to ensure that the results are clear and streak-free.

Using the right tools, they can easily remove any dirt, grime and dust that has collected on your windows. They also make sure that the frames around your windows are free of debris to ensure a safe and thorough job.

Once the frame is free of debris, they begin to wash the windows themselves. They use a specific window cleaning solution that helps remove streaks and smudges.

Then, they use a squeegee to wipe down the entire surface of each window. Once this is done, they use a scrim to wipe the edges of the window to remove any excess water.

Exterior Window Cleaning

A professional exterior window cleaner can spot any damage to your windows that may need to be repaired, such as cracked glass or wood rot. This is important because it can save you from costly repairs down the road.

Before they get to work, a professional window cleaning company starts each job with a visit to your home to determine what tools and equipment they will need for the job. This helps them to plan their schedule and honor the timeline they quote you.

During a thorough window wash, professional window washers clean your exterior window frames as well as any screens that are attached to the house. This ensures that the window remains free from dirt and grime when they return your home. They use a special solution to remove the dirt from the screens without causing them harm. They also inspect the windows to look for any spots that may need additional attention such as water damage or caulk that needs to be replaced.

Specialty Window Cleaning

Specialty windows like stained glass, tinted or painted glass, and storm windows need specialized cleaning care. Professional window cleaners know how to clean these types of glass properly and keep them looking beautiful.

Traditional window cleaning methods involve using a T-bar with a squeegee attached to it to apply soapy water to the glass and then scrub it clean. The squeegee removes this soapy water leaving a streak-free finish.

A disadvantage to this method is that it attracts dirt which sticks to the surface of the window and makes it difficult to wipe away. A more efficient way of cleaning is to use water fed poles which have purified water pumped through them onto the glass and a brush on the end to scrub it clean.

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