What is a ballasted roof?

What is a ballasted roof?

A ballasted roof is a roof that is weighted down by objects, usually stones, on top of the roofing material to keep it in place. This type of roofing system has been used for centuries and is still a popular choice today. Ballasted roofs are also a good choice for areas that experience high winds or severe weather conditions.


There are several benefits to using a ballasted roof, including: 

One of the main advantages of a ballasted roof is its durability. The weight of the ballast helps to protect the roofing material from damage, and the stones can also act as a barrier against high winds and severe weather conditions. 

Ballasted roofs are also low maintenance, as they do not require regular cleaning or repairs.

What type of materials are used in a ballasted roof?

The type of materials used in a ballasted roof can vary, but most roofs use either stones or heavy slates to weight the roof down. Some newer ballasted roofs are using alternative materials, such as recycled plastics, which can be beneficial because they are lightweight and easy to install.

If you are considering a ballasted roof for your home or business, it is important to work with an experienced contractor who can help you choose the right type of ballast and install it correctly. Contact a local roofing contractor today to learn more about your options for a ballasted roof.

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