Broad Ripple Park

For over a century, Broad Ripple Park has served as one of Indianapolis’ premier neighborhood parks. It’s a 62-acre green space with a family center, outdoor swimming pool, playground, picnic knoll, sports fields, boat ramp, and dog park. It also has a view of the White River. But, it hasn’t always been this way. Read this first!

The History

For over 180 years, Broad Ripple has been a vibrant center tucked in “at the head of the canal”. This dynamic and super unique cultural district has been built on diverse street life, quaint boutiques, and hot nightlife.

Throughout its history, transportation has played a major role in shaping this community from its original rural origins to its modern day city status. In the early 19th century, canals and railroads, and later streetcars and interurbans, facilitated the emergence of this settlement.

As a result, the neighborhood has grown to include diverse commercial activity, including unique art galleries, sidewalk cafes, and fabulous restaurants. These small, specialty shops have fueled the area’s economic success and have helped preserve Broad Ripple’s reputation as an eclectic and trendy neighborhood.

The park has a four-acre concrete swimming pool that hosted Olympic trials in 1924 and 1952. It also features an antique carousel that is now at the Children’s Museum. This is one of the oldest surviving Dentzel menagerie carousels, and each animal was carved prior to 1900.

The Amenities

Located on the White River, Broad Ripple Park Indianapolis IN is a favorite spot for people to enjoy nature, picnic, and play. It features an outdoor pool, fitness trail, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, multi-use athletic fields, boat ramp, dog park, and picnic shelters.

The park also features an observation deck that offers views over the White River and a playground with ample shade. It is also home to a pollinator garden that was restored by Gold Level Master Gardener Mary Durkin.

Indy Parks recently launched a master plan to renovate Broad Ripple Park, resulting from a study that aimed to improve parks across the city. The plan focuses on the White River riparian corridor and the park’s connection to the community.

The new family center will include an indoor track, a gymnasium, group exercise rooms, multipurpose rooms, and children’s play area. It will also house a health clinic run by Community Health Network. The new facility is slated to open in 2023. Explore more!

The Future

Indy Parks is embarking on a master plan for Broad Ripple Park that is designed to make the 62-acre park an Indianapolis destination. Taking the input of area residents and community members, this master plan is focused on making the park more resilient and durable while creating new program opportunities for families.

The 62-acre park is home to an outdoor swimming pool, baseball diamond, tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic shelters and multi-use trails along the White River. It also features the city’s busiest dog park and a boat ramp to the river.

One of the most notable features of the Broad Ripple Park is its Family Center, which hosts scores of classes throughout the year in dance, safety, sports, fitness, arts and crafts, health and self-defense for children of all ages. The Family Center is often considered the busiest among all of Indy Parks’ parks.

Indy Parks is partnering with Community Health to build a new Broad Ripple Park Family Center that is scheduled to open in 2023. The new facility will offer the space and activities that Indy Parks believes are most in demand by residents of Broad Ripple.

The Community

Broad Ripple Park is the heart of Indianapolis’s oldest and longest-established neighborhood. Located along the White River, the park offers residents a variety of recreational opportunities.

As part of the 62-acre park, Broad Ripple Park includes a family center, outdoor swimming pool, playground, picnic shelters, tennis courts, baseball diamond, multi-use athletic fields, fitness trail, bark park and boat ramp.

The park also has a view of the White River, so you can relax by the water and enjoy nature. You can even rent a kayak or paddleboard.

In 1946, the park was established as a community park and has a long history of providing quality recreation programs and amenities. It was once an amusement park with a carousel (now at the Children’s Museum) and a steam locomotive, and hosted Olympic swimming tryouts in 1924 and 1952.

Indy Parks and Recreation is partnering with Community Health Network to create a new Broad Ripple Park Family Center that will transform the park and the neighborhood. The facility is expected to open toward the end of January and will offer space and activities that are in-demand by the community. Browse next article.


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